About JCIF

Message from the President

Takatoshi Kato*
Japan Center for International Finance

*former Deputy Managing Director, IMF (2004-2010)
former Vice Minister of Finance for International Affairs (1995-1997)

Welcome to Japan Center for International Finance (JCIF)!

JCIF is a public-purpose research institution specializing in sovereign risk analysis. Founded in 1983, it is the only institution in Japan continuously monitoring and reviewing more than sixty countries and regions world-wide.

JCIF publishes semiannual evaluation and rating reports for 24 emerging nations, providing five-year forecasts of economic development. We annually review and update our in-depth country surveys consisting of eight comprehensive sections.

Moreover, we update our general reports and analyses on 37 other emerging and advanced nations twice a year. Our dedicated staff constantly issue current reports on recent events in each country and evaluate their implications.

All of JCIF’s reports are based on interviews conducted by our staff in their country of expertise as well as on other reliable sources. Our reports are available to our membership. Also most of our reports can be purchased by registered individuals. We believe that obtaining first-hand information on economic developments is of utmost importance to our members.

Please read more on JCIF’s tasks in the FAQ section.

We are looking forward to building a cooperative relationship with you!